Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Great Debate

No decision has been debated more than how to finish our ceiling. We've gone back and forth and back again. We've polled our neighbors and invited in friends for opinions. We've scoured every image on the internet matching the search criteria "exposed ceiling porch" and still... we remain undecided.

We have several options to consider.

1. Clear coat the entire thing leaving the wood pretty much, as-is

2. Stain the entire ceiling a color that would match our interior hard woods

3. Paint the entire ceiling white to match the walls and windows

4. Do a mix of stain and paint - paint the ceiling white and stain the trusses

Our contractor prefers option 1. I think Jake and I are mostly agreed on option 4 now but option 3 is probably my favorite. The other votes we've solicited are definitely mixed!! We only have another week before the painting will start so we're going to need to make a final call soon. 

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