Monday, September 9, 2013

Back Breaking before the Ground Breaking

We are leaving the bulk of the Taj Maporch work to the professionals but did a bit of demolition ourselves to save a few bucks.

We originally had a small patio attached to the back stairs. It was nice and well constructed but not very functional for us. Just like the tree, the patio had to go in order to make room for the new foundation.

Jake and I, with the help of the dogs, removed all of the stones this past weekend. We had to be bent over digging and hauling for the bulk of the afternoon so we finished the project with sore backs and dirty fingernails. All of the pavers are stacked and ready to be removed by a neighbor who will recycle them in another yard.

The before and after pictures don't feel like they represent the volume of sweat and smashed fingernails we contributed to the project! It pretty much looks the same :). We're one step closer though!

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