Friday, September 20, 2013

Set in Stone

The concrete went into the forms today and the foundation of our new porch is set in stone! Well, it will be once it dries.

I really want to stamp all of the dogs paws into one of these big pools of cement! Jake said it probably wasn't a good idea though. He's probably right. I can just see them stampeding through the forms and ruining the entire thing!

We also had a field inspection by the city today. All is well. They reviewed and signed-off on the work performed by our structural engineer.
There are pages and pages of these crazy calculations. It's like Goodwill Hunting or something.
Oh and our light fixtures came today! I like them but they are bigger than I was imagining. We had originally planned to put one on each column but I think we'll reduce that to every-other-column instead. We'll see.


  1. i just went through all the posts. good luck on your major undertaking! but like your projects, i know your house will turn out lovely and 100% to your liking
    aimee from craftmates

  2. Really enjoyed how you've documented this major project. Good luck and can't wait to see the finished product.- Irma