Monday, September 9, 2013

Taj Maporch

Apart from hanging a few photos and putting together an IKEA shelf, we really haven't dipped our toe into the home improvement waters since we moved in June of 2012.

That's all changing with a project we recently started that we're now affectionately calling, Taj Maporch.

When we moved in, we were missing a backyard space that was comfortable and functional for us, our dogs and our guests. Back in April, we began tossing around ideas for how to transform the space into something that would get more use. We originally thought about a simple cedar deck but after a number of wouldn't-it be-cool-if's, it quickly became a full blown home addition.

We've since hired an architect, a structural engineer and a contractor who have all helped us plan and permit a covered porch with all of the bells and whistles we could hope for. It's going to be a long and messy road ahead of us but we're thrilled to have finally broken ground.

I'll be doing A LOT of posts on this topic in the coming weeks and sharing loads of photos so that Jake and I can remember all of the fun we're having (said with just an ounce of sarcasm - no really, most of it is fun!!).


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