Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Decisions Decisions

There seem to be endless decisions that have to be made when doing a project like ours and I'm afraid that I inherited my Mom's ability to agonize over the tiniest design choices.

I took a quick inventory of the major elements we need to select and the status of each of them. We still have a lot of work to do!

Lighting - we picked sconces that we liked but learned that they were discontinued so it's back to the drawing board there!

Ceiling Fan - we ordered a fan but then I panicked, decided it wasn't right and cancelled the order! We're back on the fan hunt now.

French Doors - we think we know the design (multi-pane) and color (black) but we're going to make a road trip to Kent to see them in person before we finalize.

Shutters - similar to the doors, we know the material (vinyl) and color (black) but need to pick up a brochure and see some samples before we select the final design.

Tile & Grout - wooo hooo!! This one is complete! Florida Tile Formations in color Flint. We decided to go with the large squares (18" x 18").

Ceiling Stain - the ceiling of the porch will have exposed beams and and boards so we need to figure out what color we want to stain them. The quality of the wood used can't be painted so I'm a little nervous about how the stain will look against the other finished areas. We'll just play this one by ear.

Decking - we will have a small deck outside of the porch for the bbq. We chose a composite decking material recommended by our contractor. We think the gray color will match best with the siding of the house so that's what we're going with.

We're planning on doing some shopping this weekend. Hopefully we can get at least a couple more decisions finalized since time is running out! 

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