Monday, September 9, 2013

Bye Bye Mountain Ash

To make room for Taj Maporch, we had to have our giant Mountain Ash tree removed from the back of our house.

Mountain Ash has a really pretty red berry. While they look especially vibrant and pretty in the late summer, they also make a HUGE mess. The dogs like to eat them and then puke them up in the house. The crows like to descend on them at 5AM and then gobble them up while bouncing around our roof. The gutters like to get clogged with them too. So, while it was sad to see such a lovely tree taken down to a stump, I don't think we'll be missing it much.

Fortunately for us, our neighbor down the street is a great arborist and wasn't at all mad that we were removing one of the neighborhoods biggest and oldest trees. Once he chopped it down, he could see that the inside was black and rotting. It probably wouldn't have survived another big wind storm.

Since we really did feel badly about removing something that many of our neighbors enjoyed, I decided that I would attempt to make Mountain Ash jam as a peace offering. I found a recipe from the UK and spent a whole afternoon slaving over the stove.

Despite freezing the berries, drowning them in lemon juice and showering them in sugar, the final result can only be described as TOTALLY DISGUSTING! It's a nice shade of orange but the taste is so bitter that it's inedible. Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

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